Malayalam Keyboard for Windows 95/98/2000/ME


This is a simple Malayalam Keyboard.  

No typing skill is required.   Normally we type with our fingers

on keyboard.  But, in this Malayalam keyboard we type with mouse.

Click once on the character key, that particular character is

formed in the message box at bottom of the keyboard. Initially, the

user will feel it very slow.   But, speed can be gained by regular

use.  For any keyboard, practicing is a must.  But, in case of

this keyboard, no practicing is required.  The only thing is that,

one should become familiar with the location of the character.





Insert Setup disk 1 into Drive A, then

From Windows desk top click start button

Select settings, Select Control Panel,

double click Add/Remove programs

(The Add/Remove Programs Properties dialogue box will appear)

Click Install tab

(Install from a floppy disk or CD Rom dialogue Box will appear)

Click Next

The system will read from A drive A:\setup

Click Finish tab  and

then follow the instructions that appear on screen.


If the programme is downloaded from internet, unzip it and

double click on setup icon then follow the screen message


While installing, certain systems will ask for  updating

out of date system files.  In that case, click the OK tab

and update the system files.  As soon as the system files are

updated, restart the computer and start installation again

(as mentioned above).  Follow the screen message.


As soon as the installation is completed, the Malayalam font is to be

activated.  From Windows desk top - click start button,

select settings, select control panel, double click fonts folder

The fonts folder  will show the names of installed fonts. 

Find out "Jacobsml.ttf" font  and

double click on it.  The Malayalam letters will appear. 

Close the font folder, close control panel,


To start the program


From Windows desk top - click start button

select programs, and select “Jacobs Malayalam Keyboard”.

The Malayalam keyboard will appear on screen.