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Where to download Malayalam Movies legally? is one of the safe websites to watch Malayalam movies without the fear of getting spyware and virus.

Due to various copy right issues, we do not offer links to sites which offer download Malayalam movies any more. Please be aware that downloading malayalam movies from various torrent sites may lead to serious copy right violation issues and you may be legally responsible for it, even if you claim that you were not aware of the copy right violations. is a safe and reliable video hosting website where you can watch lot of Malayalam movie clips.


Before you download any malayalam movies from internet, please make sure the site has appropriate copy rights to distribute the Malaylam movie. Not only the website that host illegal copies of Malayalam movies, but the people who regularly watch such movies are also liable for copy right violations.

Safe websites to watch Malayalam Movie clips is a safe website, run by Google, offering various free videos, including Malayalam Movies. You can watch several latest Malayalam movies, some of which are available in high definition (HD) also. In general, YouTube is a free video website and not a torrent site with lot of free Malayalam movies. One of the disadvantages of YouTube is, people can upload anything there without restriction. All videos appear publicly almost instantly. So, there are chances of getting illegal copies of latest Malayalam movies in YouTube as well even though it is a reputed website from Google. Google editors could remove the illegal copies as soon as they notice the video but until then the Malayalam movie videos will remain in YouTube. As an end user, you do not have any reliable ways to figure out if a video is legal or not. Recently you may have read in the new that several webmasters hosting illegal videos of Malayalam movies were arrested or asked to shutdown the websites. Malayalam torrent websites are one of the most risky websites to visit since many of them are making money by deploying virus and malware on the users computer. If you have downloaded Malayalam movies from any torrent websites, it is a good idea to download and install a good Antivirus or Antispyware program and check if your computer is infected by any Malware.


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