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Where to download Malayalam movies and songs legally

In the past, we used to provide links to various sites that offer Malayalam movie and music download legally. However, we learnt that there were many copy right issues involved in this. Even the sites which offer movie download legally sometimes get in to copy right issues. We decided to stay away from such issues and removed links to all sites that offer downloding of Malayalam movie and music content.

Please note that downloading or watching live Malayalam movies from online sites may be illegal in your country. Please check with your low enforcement authority if you are not sure about the law. Also, it is your responsibility to make sure the site has the necessary rights to offer the movie online or for download.

Various websites that offer Malayalam movies and songs download for free may install malicious software on your computer. Most of the free download websites earn money by spreading virus and spyware. When you download a movie or song, you may be downloading some virus that can do serious harm to your computer or steal your sensitive information like credit card number from your computer. So it is strongly suggested to check the credentials of the websites before you download malayalam movies. A great place to get latest malayalam movies to download is, which is a reputed website from Google. YouTube offers hundreds of movie clips, latest malayalam songs etc.


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