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Where download Malayalam Songs legally? is a safe and reliable video hosting website where you can listen and watch Malayalam songs.

Due to various copy right issues, we have decided not to offer links to sites that offer download malaylam songs any more. While most of the links we used to provide were offering Malayalam music download legally, some of them were not. Also, some of the sites that had legal rights to host movies, songs and music eventually lost their rights. It has become very hard for us to keep up with those legal issues and so we decided not to provide any such links.


Where to download Malayalam songs?

If you are keen on listening to Malayalam songs, may be a very good place to search. is a reliable free video hosting website owned by Google. Even though some copy right issues arise from time to time, YouTube editors are keen on removing illegally hosted videos and songs. So chances of getting in to trouble for illegally watching copy righted Malayalam songs is relative low.

YouTube does not usually allow you to download Malayalam songs to listen later. It is a free service to watch and listen online. Google uses advertisements along with the videos which are their source of revenue. Being a reputed company, Google does not spread spyware or malware through their free video services. Most of the other free video hosting services may be installing malware on your computer without your knowledge. So it is strongly adviced not to use any Malayalam torrent websites to listen to Malayalam songs.


In addition to Malayalam movie songs, you can find a lot of other classical songs and other Malayalam programs in YouTube. You may upload your own videos to YouTube and share with friends, families or even to the public. If you do a quick search for Malayalam songs, you can find thousands of Malayalam songs sung by kids, students and other budding Malayalam singers.

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