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Master minds behind the screen

"Promoting socially responsible business" was born as the dream product of a group of Indian Software Engineers based in Atlanta, USA. It became a reality when went live on Jan 1st, 2001. We are a small group of people with various talents and resources, donating our free time to promote the ePages as a free service.

After our Beta release on 2001 January 1st, we have grown much. Thanks to all our visitors who helped us a lot with their valuable suggestions and content contributions. Now our group is quite big with lot of volunteering editors in Kerala and many malayaly software engineers settled in India and abroad.

We are still under construction and gathering forces. We would like to use this website as a means to serve our society better, without any intentions of profit making. We would like to work with other non-profit organisations in our mission to promote the Socially Responsible Business.

The masterminds behind the screen - Tony, Joby, Praveen, Rolex, Savant
Tony John

Digital Globalsoft Ltd.
Grand Rapids, USA
Joby Varghese

Wipro Technologies.
Bangalore, India
Praveen K V

Hewlett Packard.
Houston, USA
Rolex Damien

Bangalore, India
Savant Raj

SONY Corp.
... and we have hundreds of members contributed to the growth of this portal.

We hope that you enjoyed your time spent at Spider We have worked hard to make it one of the best sites on the net! If you have any comments or questions please Write to us.

- The SpiderKerala Team.

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