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About "My Village" feature

You can find information about any village in Kerala. The information provided include:

  • Local News
  • Marriage Announcements
  • Death Announcements
  • Travel information - how to reach the village from different locations.
  • Message board - members can post messages, which can be read by other members from the same village.
  • Description of each village, posted by various members.

    Local Editor

    We select one person from each village as a 'Local Editor'. This person will be responsible for maintaining data for the corresponding village. Other members can contact the editor for some help related to the village.

    Malayaly community living abroad/other states

    We allow malayalees lving in locations other than Kerala to create their willage. This will help our members keep in touch with other Malayalees living in their location. You can create villages for any country in the world, if there are malayalees in that location.

    If you are travelling abroad, check if your destination village is listed in our village list. If so, you may contact the local editor for that location and ask for help or any information about that location.

    Village Message Board

    You can post and read messages here. The messages posted here will be visible to members from that location (whoever select that location). This will help you keep in touch with members from your location.

    Village photos

    Here you can see thumbnails of photos from your village. Our members can post photos. Currently due to our space limitations, we keep only small images. Original photo can be posted in other websites and our small image can point to that location. You can post/view photos.

    You can contribute

    This feature is built with the help of hundreds of malayalees. You can also join this program and help us build a better web for Kerala. You can contribute in a variety of ways:
  • Upload village photos
  • Post village news
  • Post village descriptions
  • Become an Editor
  • Tell your friends about this program and help us reach more people.

    Follow the links on left side of this page to enjoy these features. Please let us know if you have any suggestions to improve this program.

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