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Editor FAQ

Who is a Local Editor ?

A Local Editor is a person, approved by, and represents one or more locations for SpiderKerala. Currently, we support all pincode locations in Kerala and selected locations in other parts of the world. our aim is to support all locations in the world where malayalees live. Each location will be identified by the local pincode/zipcode and a country id.

Responsibilities of an Editor.

The Local Editor will be responsible for validating the news, photos & other information submitted by members from his village.

The Editor will have special privileges to edit news & information submitted by other members. Editor himself can collect and publish information about his village.

Local Editor's name and contact details will be published in the site. Other users may contact the Editor for further information about services and information about his village.

Who can become an Editor.

We select the editor for each village on a first come first served basis. However, we expect that an Editor would meet the following criteria.
  • Good written English communication skills.
  • Resident of the village for which he want to become an Editor.
  • Access to internet atleast few hours a week.

    Rewards to Editors

    Spiderkerala is a Not-For-Profit organization and do not pay any money to local editors. We will publish the Name, short description and photo of the Local Editor in the Local Village page.

    Supported Villages

    Currently we support all villages in Kerala. If your village is not listed in SpiderKerala, you can submit your village and then apply to become an Editor for your village. We select one Editor per pincode location. If any pincode location include more than one village, the same Editor will take care of all those villages.
    Soon, we will be expanding our services to support malayaly community all over the world. At that time, you can submit any pincode/zipcode in the world where Malayalies live and apply to become an Editor for that location.


    If you are selected as a Local Editor for any village, and like to discontinue your services as an Editor, please send us a message.

    Spiderkerala team will evaluate your services continuously and may terminate your services any time, if we are not satisfied with your services as an Editor.

    Apply now to become a local Editor for your village

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