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Custom Software Development in India : SpiderKerala Software Services


Looking for world class custom software development at the lowest cost? You are in the right place.

India is the un questioned leader in offshore software development. Presence of hundreds of software development companies and availability of the best resources at a very low cost help India retain this prestigious position. Also, India is becoming the hub for digital marketing services.

If you like to go for offshore development in India, you have several choices. If you are looking for large enterprise level projects and willing to spend some extra money for the brand names, we suggest you go for the best India brands :

Digital Globalsoft

In addition to these big brands, there are several medium sized companies in India, with CMM and ISO certifications. They do a great job for the money they charge. We are evaluating several mid sized comapnies currently and soon list some of them here.


Usually, most of the Indian companies charge between US$ 10 ~ US$ 30 per hour for offshore development. The cost depends on so many factors including the brand name, complexity of the project etc. If you are looking for even lower rates, read below.

SpiderKerala Software Group

If you are looking for small/mid sized projects at a very low cost, our software group may be a good choice for you. We are a small group without much administrative costs. We have 15 hard core programmers in our development centre. We focus on technologies including Java, Visual Basic, ASP, .Net, C#, Webservices, Remoting etc. In addition to the full time programmers, our team includes senior software architects working with major IT companies in India. They spend few hours everyday to guide the full time engineers to develop world class software.

We have a very small office and hire additional developers on need basis. Because of our unique model, we can offer the lowest cost software development to our customers. Currently we charge between US$ 12 ~ US$ 15 per hour for most of the projects. If you like to know more about our services and rate information, please use the form below.

Long Term Relationship

The experience and skills of our team members make us capable of doing any complex, world class software. But, currently we do not have the infrastructure and facilities to execute very large projects. We are focussing on small and medium sized software projects, to provide very cost effective solutions for our customers. If you are looking for large teams of more than 25-30 developers, we can setup such a team on demand.

- Tony John (

SpiderKerala Software Services

Please use the form below to contact our offshroe development services.

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If you need a free quote for a project, please submit the project details. If you want to talk to one of our offshore representative, please provide your contact details and we will get back to you within 2 business days.

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